Opaltone is a separation software that uses a standard red, blue, and green in addition to traditional cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create any image. This eliminates the use of spot colors.

Opaltone is advantageous for marketing, purchasing and the printer=WIN, WIN, WIN.

Graphic Advantages:

Much richer reds, green, violets, oranges and blues in images. This is due to multiple hits of colors to achieve density. For example, in traditional seperations, a red would be made from yellow and magenta, in opaltone; the same red would be made from yellow, magenta, as well as the opaltone red.

Eliminate trap lines: because opaltone does not use line colors, there are no trap lines traditionally caused when colors overlap. There is a much smoother transition in color.

There is no longer a need to sacrifice density in a color when gradation is required. Opaltone allows us to run strong density colors down to very light minimum dots.

No design limitations: let the designers run wild! In the past, there were usually changes required to the original file to be "flexo-friendly". Ultimately, this caused delays when going back and forth between designer and printer. This would also mean a compromise to the impact of the package.

More consistency from run to run, because we are running standard inks and measuring to preset densities, we no longer rely on the skill level of a color matcher nor the judgement of a press operator.

Efficiency Advantages

  • With opaltone everything is made from the same colors, combination runs are common place.
  • More items can be run side by side
  • Reduction in the minimum order quantity
  • Eliminate color matching time
  • Eliminate time changing anilox rollers
  • Eliminate wash up time
  • Reduce ink inventories

These efficiencies allow Genpak to be more competitive in the marketplace.


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