Genpak uses all types of materials to complete the packaging needs for our customers. We are capable of printing on any type of material with excellent print graphics and laminating to any other material type. Materials are adhesive or extrusion laminated to combine the properties of different substrates to maximize graphic appeal, shelf life requirements or machine performance needs of the customer.

Genpak also manufactures mono and co-extruded blown films in both high and low density polyethylene with properties that can enhance the strength, colour, clarity and texture of the film. These materials are treated to support superior flexographic printing and are always handled with care from extrusion through the converting process.

Our recycled polyethylene is an alternative option many customers are now choosing to offset the issues regarding sustainability and current environmental concerns.

Here is the list of materials we use including recycled polyethylene:

OPP Polypropylene, all grades including slip, coextruded, metallized and acrylic, saran(PVdC) and PVOH coated.
PE Polyethylene, all grades and gauges of polyethylene.
PET Polyester, metallized and coated grades.
CELLO Cellophane - coated and uncoated cellophanes.
PAPER all types and gauges of paper - coated, bleached, kraft.
NYLON coated and uncoated, biax and monoaxially oriented nylon.
FOIL Aluminum foil
RECYCLED Polyethylene; low and high density, post industrial and post consumer sources, reprocessed in-house at Genpak

Technical staff can assist with developing the needs of the customer, including machine performance, economics and shelf life.






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