We are capable of laminating various combinations of materials, including film, metallized film, foil and paper using extrusion, or dry bond adhesive (either water or solvent based). Extrusion laminators can also be used to extrusion coat materials.

The advantage of lamination is that materials can be combined to provide a wide variety of end use properties, such as high barrier to oxygen and water, high chemical or product resistance hermetic or peelable seals, MAP (gas flushing), hot filled, boilable or pasteurised. Laminations can also be customized for optimal performance on either horizontal or vertical form-fill-seal applications.

We also have several extruders that produce low and high density polyethylene blown film in mono and co-extruded options. This type of extrusion offers a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, as well as special features like gussets and perforations.

There are multiple blended resins available to produce the specific material best suited to your application.

Our ability of blend additives into the film can produce color, reduce static, as well as reduce overall virgin resin usage as we continue our commitment to be better stewards of the environment. In fact, one of our manufacturing facilities is solely dedicated to this mission by recycling 15 million pounds of polyethylene every year.


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