HACCP Program

HACCP or Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points is part of the AIB program of the company. It is a systematic risk assessment of our internal processes from the Receiving of raw materials, through to and including the Shipping of finished goods.

Genpak is committed to ensuring a safe for use product is being supplied to our customers by systematically working through each process, in an effort to control any Critical Points in that process. A hazard is classified as either Biological, Chemical or Physical. If the risk is high for any type of these hazards, the team can put together, and implement, a procedure that when carried out will reduce or eliminate the risk to our product.

Regular Hazard Analysis is based on any changes in our process or products, and is monitored for effectiveness by the HACCP team through review of information and measurements gathered. Any deviation from the HACCP Plan may include adjusting the process to maintain control or changing established limits.


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